If you haven’t ridden a bike in years, you’re our customer.

If you need help choosing a safe bike for your child, you’re our customer.

If you're looking for a bike to help balance your life, you're our customer

And if you’ve been riding for years, you’re our customer, too.

Bikes and Life was founded by people who come from all walks of life. While we enjoy riding bikes, we love the outdoors and sharing what we know so we can help you. We are passionate people.   In each of our stores, we're creating a healthy environment for you to learn about bikes and help you pick the right bike.  We will help you and your family find greater joy on a bike and do what we can to keep you on the road to health and happiness.

John's Story

In 2011, our Founder, John Antretter, weighed 217 pounds – and he’s 5'8.

John Antretter BeforeMy story really is Bikes and Life. It's about change and opportunity.  At 48 years old, I was stuffing myself into size 38 pants – when I really needed a size 40. My knees hurt as I walked up stairs and my doctor told me that I was pre-diabetic. He gave me 90 days to do something, or I'd be put on medication.  I said that this wasn't me and that I'd change.  I had always played sports and had been in the Army too.  My Dr's said, "Good Luck!"

I started by seeing a nutritionist and eating better.  Once I dropped a few pounds, I started to exercise. I started out swimming and riding a  bike at the gym, and I began to lose weight.  More importantly, I began to feel better. I dropped 25 pounds in the first 90 days and started buying new cloths, and I even dropped half a size in my shoes.

After a year, I dropped over 50 pounds.  So, I began to push myself harder. I ran my first race in Central Park (3.5 miles) in June of 2012.  Getting older, people talk about cross training and working different muscles.  Well, I became interested in a doing a triathlon and took things up a notch. I went looking for a bike. 

John Antretter todayToday, I weigh 150 pounds. Over the years, I have completed an Ultramarathon (50 miles), several full Ironman races (140.6 miles), a Tough Mudder, and even a Spartan race. I can tell you watching my weight and fitness is an every day event. 

I have always been an optimist and  innately believe in the good of people. I wake up every day knowing that today can be a day that I change everything.  I believe it's all possible. Cycling and staying active will help you and your family too.  People in your life will notice, and you'll inspire others.  We have created Bikes and Life to be a place to learn about, shop for, and service bikes.  We care and hope that when you visit us, you'll find a healthy, positive environment for you and your family.  Our goal is to help you find the right bike and get on the road to better health and greater happiness.  Good Luck...and just get started.  John


Help you ignite your passion for cycling by offering a great selection of bikes and gear and picking the right bike for you. 

Come visit us or just call or email me at john@bikesandlife.com Try some seminars and events at the store.  We support beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists. This is what we love to do.